French Polishers

If you call us today, one of our French polishers will arrange an appointment to visit you to inspect your furniture at a time that is convenient for you including evening and weekends.

During this visit, one of our French polishers will be able to advise what would be the best way for restoring your much loved furniture to its former glory.

Our French polishers have a passion for furniture restoration and have an understanding that some pieces of furniture have great sentimental value to family members. That is why at West Wiltshire Restoration we take great care and attention to detail when undertaking our French polishing service.

We are able to French polish any items from a small coffee table to a large sideboard. We are experts at blending tones / shades with the original colour and Patina to make repairs near invisible as possible.

We can re-French polish a whole item that is in need of a tidying up or repair an accidental damage such as white rings, scratches and burns or water marks

As well as French polishing we can also refinish with

  • waxes
  • glazes
  • oils

We can advise on what would best suit your furniture needs depending on age or usage of your furniture.

French polishing

At West Wiltshire Restoration, we have very experienced and knowledgeable French polishing family team who work in and around Wiltshire and Bath. We always aim to repair any small damage to your French polished items of furniture at your address but if it’s need to be taken back to our workshop we offer free collection and delivery.

French polishing is a style of polishing furniture that involves building up the layers of Shellac polish for a lovely smooth rich finish that enhances the colour and grain. Through this French polishing process your furniture can be restored to either a matte, satin or a mirror finish, whichever is your preference.

French polishing can be used on any type of hardwood to enhance the beauty of the timber

Our French polishing service is a local family business who provides a free no obligation quote to residents of Wiltshire and Bath.

Overview of types of timber that lends themselves well to French polishing:


Comes up well, not a classic finish on these timbers but nevertheless looks good. One would tend to have an open grain when French polishing these timbers (wood pores not fully filled).


These timbers are where a good French polish job really sings. French polish is a classic finish for furniture in these woods especially furniture made in the late 18th century to the early 20th. Typically high gloss but we are occasionally asked to do the mirror finish. Nowadays, most of our clients prefer us to cut the polish back to a satin or even a matte.


Our French polishers wouldn’t recommend French polishing pine. There are more suitable finishes such as waxes and oils.

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French polishers
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